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Paul Romanelli

Paul Romanelli is President of Suffolk Security Systems. He is a leader and advocate for using the best alarm technology available to consumers, making systems easy to use and reducing false alarms.

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Honeywell Presents Suffolk Security With Life Safety Award

By Paul Romanelli on 11/25/2018

685d8785-148c-4c85-be79-5341277c7348-originalHoneywell recently presented Suffolk Security Systems with a National Life Safety Award during their annual "Connect" convention in Marco Island, Florida. It is the largest organized convention of independent security firms in the country. We were thrilled and surprised to be just one of nine companies in the country to be honored. Our work promoting new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors throughout Eastern Long Island was a major reason for the award. We believe that EVERY alarm system must have updated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. That means if your smoke detectors are older than ten years, then call us to schedule a replacement of them. If they're not that old, then call us to have them inspected at least once every two years. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Learn About the Lyric Security and Home Controller

By Paul Romanelli on 05/15/2016

We are excited to be involved with Honeywell on the rollout of the new Lyric product line for security and automation. It's been years in development and we think that Honeywell has nailed it! We are confident that you will be impressed as well. Contact us for more information about Lyric or anything else we can help you with!

Check out Honeywell's video about Lyric!


As you can see, Honeywell has created an end-to-end complete solution for your security, video and automation needs. We are excited to be involved in the rollout of this product line and the Six series intrusion and life safety sensors.  There are more features and products coming in the Lyric product line as well. Subscribe and stay tuned.

For even more information get our free document, "6 Reasons to Love Lyric"

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Did you ever own an 8-track tape player?

By Paul Romanelli on 03/22/2015

If you're old enough to have owned an 8-track tape player, then you just might appreciate our video below. We recently removed this alarm relic from the basement of what is currently O'Malley's Restaurant in Southold. From 1984 to 2000, the building was host to the infamous Ross's North Fork Restaurant, founded and run by the North Fork's original celebrity chef, John Ross. In a recent conversation with Mr. Ross, he barely recalled the security system in the building - certainly understandable when you're a master chef with other things on your mind. The new owner of O'Malley's, James Kokotas, has updated the interior, installed a brand new kitchen and hired us to install a new state-of-the-art security and fire system. He let us keep this historic piece of alarm equipment - it was once state-of-the art. Check out our video to see how it worked and to see how far things have come.



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How Do Alarm Systems Communicate?

By Paul Romanelli on 10/9/2014

With telephone "land lines" disappearing, we have some creative ways to make sure your alarm system communicates with our Central Station. While we can write a long, boring explanation, this video from Honeywell explains it all!


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What You Need to Know about Fire Prevention Week.

By Paul Romanelli on 09/30/2014


First, the Bad News...

Did you know that every 83 seconds a household fire occurs in the United States? Worse, on average 7 people die per day in house fires. SEVEN! Most of these fires are preventable, caused by cooking, faulty heating equipment or smoking.                                    

You are Not Immune...

A fire could easily start someplace in your own home. But, it is easier to think that household fires happen to other people, not you. Why? Because it's a horrible way to die and it's more convenient to think that household fires occur someplace other than your own home. And yet, in this past year alone, our community has been struck by devastating fires that not only destroyed property but took lives!

The Two-Word Solution...

Smoke alarms. That's it. Check your smoke alarms. Install more smoke alarms. Replace old smoke alarms. Why? Because working smoke alarms are your best chance of surviving a household fire, saving the lives of others and reducing property damage from fire. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, the death rate by household fires in the United States was more than twice as high in homes that did not have working smoke alarms. Why didn't they always work? Mostly for stupid reasons - nearly 75% for missing, disconnected or dead batteries. How's that for a reality check? When was the last time you checked your smoke detectors? Did you ever replace that battery in the hallway smoke detector that was beeping in the middle of the night? Are you starting to get the picture?

Pay It Forward...

At Suffolk Security Systems, we know your life is hectic. It's easy to procrastinate simple tasks like checking smoke detector batteries or asking for advice, but it's even easier to dial our number for help. We encourage you to download our checklist, "10 Fire Prevention Tips You Can't Live Without." Share the list with your family and split up the tasks. Then pass it onto a friend. You might just save a life!

Download Our Suggested "10 Fire Prevention Tips You Can't Live Without"

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5 Facts to Know About Carbon Monoxide

By Paul Romanelli on 04/23/2014


Fullscreen_capture_4232014_53143_PMIt’s often referred to as The Silent Killer and with good reason. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas created as a result of the burning of any fossil fuel such as gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, propane, wood or charcoal. Our bodies can tolerate Carbon Monoxide at very low levels but if the source persists this gas can rapidly cause headaches, disorientation and death. So here’s a few tips to keep everyone safe.

  1. You Don’t Know It’s There - Since Carbon Monoxide is odorless, it can often go undetected by us for very long periods of time. Left unchecked, CO can build up and occupants may show persistent “flu-like” or headache symptoms that never go away. The good news is that Carbon Monoxide detectors are programmed to detect both persistent low levels of CO and rapid increases in this deadly gas. That’s reason enough to install a few CO detectors!

  2. High or Low, Just Put Them In - Chemically speaking, Carbon Monoxide’s atomic weight is nearly the same as the air you breath and when there is excessive CO, it fills a space equally like an expanding balloon. Over the years, there’s been great debate over where to locate CO detectors but the overall consensus is anywhere from a foot off the floor (outlet height) to ceiling height. The height is less important today than making sure you have adequate coverage.

  3. One is the Loneliest Number - Just a few years ago, manufacturers and code enforcers wanted to see just one CO Detector in a home, located near the bedrooms. Today, a CO Detector should be installed on every level of your home. Placement should be close to bedrooms and just outside furnace rooms. If your bedrooms are separated on opposite ends of your home than you’ll need a CO detector in each bedroom hallway within 15 feet of the bedrooms.

  4. Nothing Lasts Forever - There are different methods that the sensors use to detect Carbon Monoxide. Regardless, each CO sensor has a lifespan of roughly 6 years. Manufacturers are constantly making improvements to extend the lifetime but for now, be sure to check the date code on older CO detectors and replace them when necessary. Newer models provide an end-of-life sound or visual indicator.

  5. Name That Tune - CO detectors are required to sound differently than smoke detectors but there are some intentional similarities to the sound. CO detectors have an extra tone to alert you to the difference. Learn to realize the difference but in either case of fire or CO, everyone should exit the premises immediately.

Here is something else to keep in mind. Businesses are just as susceptible to CO poisoning as any household. Here on Long Island, a recent incident of Carbon Monoxide resulted in the death of a manager in a local restaurant and dozens of customers showing critical CO poisoning symptoms. If you own a business, then make a point of installing Carbon Monoxide detectors now. If you’re not the boss, then find a good time to discuss CO dangers with your employer and help work on a plan to install CO detectors in your place of business.

Do you have additional questions about Carbon Monoxide detectors? We’re here to help you! Download this terrific application guide about CO Detection. YOU could save a life - maybe even your own! Contact us for even more information

Applications Guide for  Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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A Tuxedo is Always Impressive

By Paul Romanelli on 04/7/2014

I have just left the ISC West Security Trade Show in Las Vegas. Our friend, George Janelis, from Honeywell Security is featured in this short video about the upcoming Tuxedo Touch with Voice Commands. And the good news is that if you already have a Tuxedo Touch, a simple memory flash upgrade will enable the voice feature! Check out how a few simple voice commands can make a difference. I am excited about these features. Why? Because finally someone in my home will listen to me and do what I say!



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Important Information About Your Security Alarm System

By Paul Romanelli on 03/23/2014

If your alarm system was installed between 2008 and 2012 and is communicating with our Central Station through a Cellular or Internet/Cellular communicator you will want to read the following:

AT&T has filed with the Federal Communications Commission and received approval to shutdown their 2G cellular network by December 2016. This will affect your alarm communications with our Central Station. You may have already received a call from us about it.

Not exactly. This week, AT&T informed us that, in our area, they will be accelerating the shutdown of their 2G network to make room for the 4G network. Some network towers in our area will cease to transmit 2G signals after March 27, 2014.

Your alarm system currently uses a 2G communicator to transmit alarm signals to our Central Station. In order to maintain the integrity of your alarm system transmissions, we must replace the 2G Honeywell communicator with Honeywell’s latest 4G communicator. Just like your cell phone, it’s time for an upgrade.

Fortunately we’re buying in bulk. Prices vary slightly depending on which 2G model you have but in no case will upgrade cost more than $250. It will NOT affect your Central Station Monitoring rate at all.

There is no catch. It’s a necessary technology upgrade that will keep your alarm system operating smoothly and more reliably than ever before. If you are already using Total Connect then we’ll even include an upgrade chip that will improve the speed and performance when you remotely connect to your alarm system.

Total Connect is our suite of remote services that allow you to remotely control your alarm system, thermostats, door locks or lighting. Total Connect is not necessary for this 4G upgrade. But if you want to try it out, we’ll give you a three month free trial to remotely access your alarm system. And when the three months are up, you can keep it for just $11 per month or cancel Total Connect entirely. No hard feelings.

About one hour in your home to replace and reprogram the 4G communicator.

Make a reservation to get this done now! Call our office at (631) 765-5262 between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. You’ll be given a confirmation number and an appointment date. 

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Thank You Dominic!

By Paul Romanelli on 01/17/2014


One of the great things we love about Honeywell is the terrific support they provide us. A winning relationship between Suffolk Security Systems and Honeywell is always a benefit for our clients. As a First Alert Professional Dealer with Honeywell, we value that relationship even more. 

When we had questions about some of the new technology we're using in Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch keypads and their 4G cellular communicators, Honeywell sent out Dominic from their AlarmNet department to come visit with us and a few of our clients.

Aside from awesome product and technology delivery, Honeywell backs it up with real, live people - in the trenches with us. Today, a few of our clients had an opportunity to meet Dominic and discuss their experience with Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch.  That kind of feedback helps us and Honeywell improve the overall customer experience. 

So to thank Dominic for making the long trip to the East End we took Dominic out for a lobster roll lunch!

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Buy One for the Holidays...

By Paul Romanelli on 12/18/2013


So we are a bit obsessive with our love for Honeywell's Total Connect features. For the holidays, we've got a camera on our Christmas Tree and we're controlling the lights on the tree with a Z-Wave lamp module. Our Tuxedo keypad is set up to turn on the Christmas tree lights at sunset and automatically turn off at 11pm. 

There are hundreds of creative ways that our clients are taking advantage of Tuxedo's great feature set. If you have an idea on what you would like to automate with Tuxedo, please call us.

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