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Important Information About Your Security Alarm System

By Paul Romanelli on 03/23/2014

If your alarm system was installed between 2008 and 2012 and is communicating with our Central Station through a Cellular or Internet/Cellular communicator you will want to read the following:

AT&T has filed with the Federal Communications Commission and received approval to shutdown their 2G cellular network by December 2016. This will affect your alarm communications with our Central Station. You may have already received a call from us about it.

Not exactly. This week, AT&T informed us that, in our area, they will be accelerating the shutdown of their 2G network to make room for the 4G network. Some network towers in our area will cease to transmit 2G signals after March 27, 2014.

Your alarm system currently uses a 2G communicator to transmit alarm signals to our Central Station. In order to maintain the integrity of your alarm system transmissions, we must replace the 2G Honeywell communicator with Honeywell’s latest 4G communicator. Just like your cell phone, it’s time for an upgrade.

Fortunately we’re buying in bulk. Prices vary slightly depending on which 2G model you have but in no case will upgrade cost more than $250. It will NOT affect your Central Station Monitoring rate at all.

There is no catch. It’s a necessary technology upgrade that will keep your alarm system operating smoothly and more reliably than ever before. If you are already using Total Connect then we’ll even include an upgrade chip that will improve the speed and performance when you remotely connect to your alarm system.

Total Connect is our suite of remote services that allow you to remotely control your alarm system, thermostats, door locks or lighting. Total Connect is not necessary for this 4G upgrade. But if you want to try it out, we’ll give you a three month free trial to remotely access your alarm system. And when the three months are up, you can keep it for just $11 per month or cancel Total Connect entirely. No hard feelings.

About one hour in your home to replace and reprogram the 4G communicator.

Make a reservation to get this done now! Call our office at (631) 765-5262 between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. You’ll be given a confirmation number and an appointment date. 

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Thank You Dominic!

By Paul Romanelli on 01/17/2014


One of the great things we love about Honeywell is the terrific support they provide us. A winning relationship between Suffolk Security Systems and Honeywell is always a benefit for our clients. As a First Alert Professional Dealer with Honeywell, we value that relationship even more. 

When we had questions about some of the new technology we're using in Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch keypads and their 4G cellular communicators, Honeywell sent out Dominic from their AlarmNet department to come visit with us and a few of our clients.

Aside from awesome product and technology delivery, Honeywell backs it up with real, live people - in the trenches with us. Today, a few of our clients had an opportunity to meet Dominic and discuss their experience with Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch.  That kind of feedback helps us and Honeywell improve the overall customer experience. 

So to thank Dominic for making the long trip to the East End we took Dominic out for a lobster roll lunch!

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Buy One for the Holidays...

By Paul Romanelli on 12/18/2013


So we are a bit obsessive with our love for Honeywell's Total Connect features. For the holidays, we've got a camera on our Christmas Tree and we're controlling the lights on the tree with a Z-Wave lamp module. Our Tuxedo keypad is set up to turn on the Christmas tree lights at sunset and automatically turn off at 11pm. 

There are hundreds of creative ways that our clients are taking advantage of Tuxedo's great feature set. If you have an idea on what you would like to automate with Tuxedo, please call us.

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Total Connect Really Works!

By Paul Romanelli on 11/2/2013


Take a look at this screenshot from my iPad. It shows the automation status of devices in my own home. Using the scheduling features in Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch controller, my outdoor lights automatically turn on at sunset every night. By entering my zip code into Tuxedo Touch, it automatically calculates sunrise and sunset. And since Tuxedo Touch automatically sets it's time through the Internet, I never need to reset lighting timers again. How's that for convenience?

Of course you can also see the status of my front door (unlocked), my second floor thermostat and my rear patio lights (off). Simply pressing an icon toggles these devices on and off. For the thermostat, it opens another screen to modify your heating or cooling settings. 

Alarm systems have come a long way. They're more powerful, convenient and easier to use than ever before. Even better, they are still affordable! Call us for a free estimate or a full demonstration.

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New Keypad Model - 6162

By Paul Romanelli on 10/31/2013


Today we received our first shipment of Honeywell's latest keypad model, the 6162. Yes, we agree "6162" is not exactly the sexiest name for a keypad, but the geeks in our office are happy with the sleek, simple design. Plus, the new larger LCD screen and icons make it easier to navigate your security system. It is backwards compatible with Honeywell's Vista series of control panels, so if you have an older model, you may wish to give your decor a more up to date look. It has all the same features of your existing Vista keypad in a new package.  Want to learn more? Give us a call at (631) 765-5262or contact us here.

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Tuxedo Touch

By Paul Romanelli on 10/25/2013

I have been pretty excited about this product for some time. As a beta tester for Honeywell through Suffolk Security Systems, I am proud to say that Tuxedo Touch is simply an outstanding and affordable way to add automation to your home or business. Check out the video to see its ease of use. Honeywell has nailed this product and they continue to keep improving it!

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