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The North Fork:
The Surprising Security System Features North Fork Homeowners and Businesses Won't Live Without.

(Also includes transcript)


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The uniqueness of the North Fork makes our customers' security, monitoring, and automation needs different than other areas. 


In this 10 minute video, Paul Romanelli, president of Suffolk Security Systems, reveals what 33 years of experience taught him about keeping his customers and their homes, property, and businesses safe.

You will learn:

  • The #1 type of alarm that's triggered on the North Fork.

  • How being surrounded by the bay and the sound requires adjusting your system.

  • The one thing that damages North Fork homes worse than fire.

  • What causes false alarms out here and how Paul worked with local police to eliminate them.

  • The most popular ways North Forkers are monitoring and managing their home from afar. 

  • The feature made popular by COVID-19.

  • A demonstration of a typical North Fork security system in action.

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