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Shelter Island Security Systems & Monitoring

Since 1989, we've been helping to protect Shelter Island homes and business.

Shelter Island is a very special place to live--from its beautiful, protected open spaces, deep-water harbors, and secluded beaches to its rich history.


We're been installing Shelter Island security systems for over 23 years. Second homeowners will often call us because their insurance companies require them to have a professional security system in place to monitor for fire, heating system failure, and freezing pipes. They often would also like to see what's going on in and around their homes or let a worker in remotely while they're away.

Our Shelter Island customers who are year-round residents sometimes just aren't comfortable staying home alone or are worried about coming home to an empty house after work. Or they simply want to be alerted when their kids get home from school before they do. Some want to be protected with an early warning system for fire or carbon monoxide.

It all comes down to what you consider important enough to protect. Whatever the reasons, we're here to serve you.

We are locally owned and not part of an "out-of-touch" franchise operation. That means we know our clients, understand their needs, and accommodate them better than those "big box" or DIY companies. We are an active member of the Long Island Alarm Association, the Electronic Security Association, and the National Fire Prevention Association. 


Suffolk Security Systems is licensed by both the New York State Department of State and the Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs.


We work proactively with local fire and police departments to promote the responsible use of alarm systems thus reducing false dispatches that waste valuable local emergency resources.

Consider our Total Connect remote services. Now you can have access to your alarm system and cameras over the Internet or even your smartphone!


Read on to learn more.


Your Home. Your Family.
A professionally installed security and fire alarm system for your Shelter Island home can defend you home and your family against hazards you may not even consider. Schedule an appointment with one of our security specialists and learn how we can help.


Keep an eye on your Shelter Island home when you're away from home with mobile management of your securty systems and compatible smart home devices.



Arm or disarm your security system, unlock or lock doors, turn lights off or on, adjust thermostat temperature, even open or close Chamberlain garage doors from wherever you are.


Customize your Shelter Island home with a series of automated actions. Create an exit routine that adjusts the temperature and locks the doors. Or, run a bedtime routine that checks the garage door status, turns on outdoor lights and arms the alarm.



Receive alerts when events happen such as extreme temperature changes, water leaks, motion detection, or doors opening.


Whether you need to unlock the door for a houseguest that arrived early or disarm your system for a teen that tripped it by accident, mobile convenience gives you remote access just like you were there.



When you leave Shelter Island, control lights, locks and temperature, see who comes and who goes, and arm or disarm your alarm as needed from anywhere.


View live videos and recorded clips from cameras to see, hear, and record what's happening at your home at all times.

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