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Your Business Deserves The Best

You Work Hard. Your Fire & Security Systems Should Work Harder.

We Mean Business.

Owning or managing any business means you already have security issues to deal with regularly. Fortunately, we've got all sorts or products and services to make your job easier.

First, think about protecting your business, inventory and employees with a properly designed fire alarm system. Fires cause over $3 billion worth of damage to U.S. businesses each year (not including business interruption costs) and injures thousands of employees.

With one simple phone call, you can significantly reduce your risk with our professionally installed fire alarm systems and inspection services.

Of course, your next line of defense is a properly designed commercial security alarm system. Depending on your business, that could include standard alarm detection devices, access control to secure areas or video surveillance of your employees or customers.

Need to know if your store is open on time for business or closed at appropriate hours when you're not there? Our custom report options give you the flexibility of having full control of your business from afar. 

Did you know that you can remotely view your business with our video surveillance solutions? You can even get text message or email notifications when your store is open or closed by your employees.


We back it all up with our U.L. Rated Central Station, professionally trained and licensed employees, and a name that business owners have come to trust for over 30 years! 

What are you waiting for? Be a hero in your own company. Call and ask us to create a business fire and security plan that will reduce your insurance costs, protect your inventory and improve your bottom line!

One Size Does Not Fit All.
Small business owners have very different security needs than larger firms. Fortunately we have experience and expertise to help create the security and life safety systems that meet your budget and location requirements.

Small Business Owner


Keep an eye on your business with mobile management of your securty systems and compatible smart devices.


Arm or disarm your security system, unlock or lock doors, turn lights off or on, adjust thermostat temperature, and more.


Customize your business with a series of automated actions. Create an exit routine that adjusts the temperature and locks the doors. Or, run a closing routine that checks the door status, turns on outdoor lights, and arms the alarm.

Man looking at water valve monitoring info on mobile phone.


Receive alerts when events happen such as extreme temperature changes, water leaks, motion detection, or doors opening.


Whether you need to unlock the door for an employee that arrived early or disarm your system for a worker that tripped it by accident, mobile convenience gives you remote access just like you were there.



Control lights, locks and temperature, see who comes and who goes, and arm or disarm your alarm as needed from anywhere.


View live videos and recorded clips from cameras to see, hear, and record what's happening at your business at all times.

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