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Property management made easier

Security and monitoring systems optimized for property management.

There are a number of benefits a property management company enjoys when a security and monitoring system is in place that's been optimized specifically for property management professionals like you. It makes your job considerably easier, more effective, efficient, and profitable, enabling you to better manage more properties in less time.

Suffolk Security Systems works with many North Fork property management companies and their landlords to design and install customized security and monitoring systems that allow you access to the critical information you need to handle both routine operations and emergency situations. In many cases, we can also optimize systems that are already in place.


Landlords and property managers alike have the piece of mind that their vacant property is safe and secure, especially in a situation where tenants are coming and going and their home is vacant for long periods of time.


Security systems also keep tenants safe and also help limit a landlord's liability (and perhaps even yours) if something unexpected happens. They also lower the homeowner's insurance costs.


Fire and carbon monoxide safety

For new home builds, monitored smoke detectors that alert emergency services are required. Many insurance companies require that these same life safety sensors be installed before insuring properties. And adding carbon monoxide sensors is an inexpensive way to help your tenants stay safer.

Temperature and water leak detection

As we explain in our free on-demand webinar, "The Surprising Security System Features North Fork Homeowners and Businesses Won't Live Without", North Fork property management companies know that the biggest risks to a property out here isn't necessarily theft. It's when the home's heating system fails in the winter, the pipes freeze, and the home is flooded. Or similarly, when a washing machine hose bursts.

While there's no replacement for physically inspecting the premises, these issues can surface and quickly cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, even in the course of just one night. Our temperature monitors, water leak detectors, and automatic shutoffs keep the home safe and puts your landlord's mind (and your own) at ease.

Video surveillance for property management

Of course, the ability to monitor the property by accessing the home's security cameras right on your phone is a huge convenience to property management companies. You can keep an eye on landscapers, pool maintenance personnel, deliveries, and other service professionals to ensure everything is done and done correctly. Both you and your landlord can even let in (and automatically log) a worker or a guest remotely or assign them a unique access codes from wherever you are.

Contact us for more information

If one of the properties you manage lacks a professional security and monitoring system, or even if the existing system isn't optimized for property management, give us a call (or fill out the form on this page).


We can help recommend and put in place the kind of system optimized precisely for property management companies like yours, allowing you to more easily and effectively manage your clients' properties in less time. Your clients will be happier and your business will enjoy higher efficiency and profits.


Learn how much easier and effectively you can manage your clients properties with an optimized security and monitoring system
Call or fill out the form below and we can show you how a system optimized for property management can be a win-win scenario for you and your clients.

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