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We help Realtors reach their goals faster

Before, after, and during your home sale, we give real estate agents an edge.

Installing security and monitoring systems may not seem like a way to help both you and your clients, but they can make a significant difference.


By partnering with Suffolk Security Systems, we can help you a few ways including:


  • Helping you show your client how a security and monitoring system will significantly enhance the speed the home sells as well as the selling price.

  • Creating a plan for you and your client that keeps the prospective homebuyer in mind.

  • Professionally installing a system that will be a standout while showing the home.

  • Providing security and monitoring while the home is being shown as well as making the homeowner aware of your activities.

  • Providing you with the security system knowledge, expertise, and materials to help sell the home faster and for a higher amount. We can help you make even the most sophisticated system understandable and appreciated.

Here are some of the benefits to you and the homeowner:


It helps sell the home faster and for a higher price

A current homeowner might typically install a security system for life safety purposes, reduced insurance costs, and minimized risks.


But, for those who haven't before putting their home on the market, this relatively inexpensive and visible upgrade will help prospective buyers visualize themselves living a home that will keep their family and property safe and connected.

In fact, asked recent homebuyers what they thought about when searching for a new home. 76% of respondents said neighborhood security was extremely important and 48% wanted a security system. 


When a state-of-the-art, professionally-installed alarm system is already present in the home, it's one less thing they have to worry about. And when you can effectively explain why the system is ready to address all their security, monitoring, home automation, and even Internet needs, it becomes a significant selling point. One that can drive the bids higher.

This may be especially true for homebuyers coming from places other than the North Fork, where them knowing they'll be safe in an unfamiliar neighborhood can make a difference.

It enables you to show off the home automation capabilities

Security and monitoring systems that we install typically have automation features built right in, so prospective homeowners will never have to worry if they forget to lock a door, turn down the heat, or shut the garage door. This is another huge selling point that's almost a requirement for many homebuyers these days. They'll appreciate it's smart-home capable and be thankful they don't have to worry about installing a system themselves.

It keeps the home safe while being shown

A security system is also useful while the home is being shown. It'll not only help the homeowner keep track of who is coming in and and out of their home but its presence will scare off anyone thinking of stealing anything. 


It'll also show the homeowner how how hard you're working for them.

It helps avoid insurance headaches

For a pre-existing home, your new homeowner will immediately enjoy lower insurance rates with a security and monitoring system already installed.

For new homes, the insurance company will also require monitored smoke detectors--the kind that can be supervised by a monitoring station so the fire department can be alerted even when they're not home. We only install monitored smoke detectors as part of our systems. Surprisingly, the smoke detectors that are typically installed when a new home is built don't meet that insurance standard, nor does the wiring. Both will need to be replaced.


A home that has a security and monitoring system solves these issues, which should be brought to the attention of prospective home buyers. It might make a difference for a prospect who is torn between homes.

It appeals to renters and landlords

In most states, a landlord holds at least some responsibility for keeping their tenants safe, so it's important you inform landlords who are listing with you of their options. We can work with you, and the landlords who have listed with you, to create a home security and monitoring plan that will keep their property and their tenants safe.


Your clients will thank you for looking out for their best interests and perhaps even help you secure the listing in the first place by helping illustrate one more way you go "above and beyond" for them.

When a rental has a quality security and monitoring in system in place, it communicates how much of a priority a tenant's safety is to them and provides a positive impression of what it might be like to rent from them.

And the landlord will be able to monitor their property remotely, which helps ensure that everything is safe and secure. They'll even be alerted to potential problems with the home even before the tenant might, and ensure outside maintenance services such as landscaping and trash removal are happening as scheduled. It can also show them the homes systems such as irrigation services and even Internet are working as intended.

Contact us to see how we can help

Whether you're trying to secure a listing or get top dollar for one of your client's homes, if the home lacks a security and monitoring system, contact us (or fill out the form on this page) and we'll assist you in making the case for the advantage of selling a home with a security system. We can help plan and install the kind of system both the homeowner and prospective buyers will love, and give you everything you need to showcase the new system as a major selling benefit.


Learn how to enhance the sale of your home with a professional security system!
While the presence of a home security system is a huge selling point, the technology is constantly evolving. We can help with that. Fill out the form below and we can teach you what you need to know to leverage a new security system into a faster and larger sale.

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