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Thank You Dominic!

One of the great things we love about Honeywell is the terrific support they provide us. A winning relationship between Suffolk Security Systems and Honeywell is always a benefit for our clients. As a First Alert Professional Dealer with Honeywell, we value that relationship even more.

When we had questions about some of the new technology we're using in Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch keypads and their 4G cellular communicators, Honeywell sent out Dominic from their AlarmNet department to come visit with us and a few of our clients.

Aside from awesome product and technology delivery, Honeywell backs it up with real, live people - in the trenches with us. Today, a few of our clients had an opportunity to meet Dominic and discuss their experience with Honeywell's Tuxedo Touch. That kind of feedback helps us and Honeywell improve the overall customer experience.

So to thank Dominic for making the long trip to the East End we took Dominic out for a lobster roll lunch!


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