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Staying Vigilant: Vehicle Burglaries are Increasing on the North Fork.

Quite often crime feels like something that happens elsewhere, and to a good extent, it is. However, a recent increase in vehicle burglaries suggest that you consider a reevaluation of your security measures and the way you protect your valuables.

At a recent Mattituck Chamber of Commerce meeting, Southold Town Police Chief Martin Flatley shared a concerning trend: organized groups from outside the area are starting to target our neighborhoods, searching for unlocked vehicles and unsecured job site trailers. This methodical approach to crime in our community marks a significant shift from the sporadic incidents we're accustomed.

Our community's low crime rate is a point of pride, but it can also lead to a false sense of security. The belief that "it won't happen here" can make us complacent, leading us to leave our homes and cars unlocked and valuables visible. This mindset is exactly what these criminals are relying on.

I know I say this often, but it's crucial we lock up and secure our belongings. Whether it's a car parked in the driveway, or tools left on a job site, taking an extra moment to keep our valuables out of sight and lock our doors can make all the difference.

The safety and security of our community depends on each of us. By taking proactive steps to secure our property, we can protect ourselves against those who wish to take advantage of our open and trusting way of life. Let's work together to keep our neighborhoods safe for everyone.

Stay safe,

Paul Romanelli


Suffolk Security Systems


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