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We Survived Alarmaggedon and the 5G Sunset

February 22, 2022 was the last day of AT&T 3G cellular service. Your old flip phone and any of your devices such as older GPS, medical alerts and alarm systems may cease to function or will experience service interruptions without an update or product replacement to 5G LTE cellular services. We are proud to announce that we successfully upgraded ALL of our clients’ alarm systems by the deadline! Despite COVID interruptions, chip shortages and supply chain delays, we got the job done safely and on time. Kudos to Dave in our office for navigating the challenges and keeping the process moving with our amazing team of technicians.

And to all of our customers, thanks for your patience during the switchover. We know some of our competitors are nowhere near close to completion.

Do you know someone that has not updated their alarm system to 5G LTE service? Tell them to contact us for assistance.


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