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We just won a national award for creating a groundbreaking "connected home"

Winning the Residential Installation of the Year Award

Suffolk Security Systems honored with prestigious award by Resideo.

Top Executives from Resideo awarding Suffolk Security Systems
Paul Romanelli receiving the "Residential Installation of the Year" award from Resideo Executives Scott Harkins (VP), Mike Maher (Sales Director), Phil Theodore (President) and Quentin Gunther (Premier Dealer Services)

Just last week, at the Resideo Connect 2022 Conference, we won the "Residential Installation of the Year" award. It is given to an alarm company that designed and installed a system for a particularly challenging residential project.

Why is this important to us? Because with hundreds of competing alarm companies across the country, the top industry leader chose Suffolk Security Systems for this honor.

Who is Resideo? Only a $5 billion company leading technology in fire, security, and comfort with brands you already know (and likely have in your home) such as "Honeywell Home" and "First Alert."

Each day we do our best to deliver great service and advanced products to protect the lives, homes, and businesses on Long Island's East End. We never look for recognition but, every once in a while, something arises that brings attention to the work we do.

With respect to the privacy and security of our client, we cannot divulge the location of this "residential installation of the year." We can, however, tell you that it includes over 100 points of protection with sensors for burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, low temperature, and water leak detection. And there are also Honeywell Home alarm keypads, thermostats, and cameras. All of it fully accessible to our client with the Resideo/Honeywell Home Total Connect remote app.

A Promise to You.

While we cannot win an award for every installation, we promise that any work we do for you will be performed at the same level of excellence and concern for the safety of you, your loved ones, and your home or business. That is a promise we can keep.

Learn More.

If you are thinking about installing a new alarm system, ready to update your existing one, or considering additional coverage, check out our video or contact us. We'd be happy to hear about your particular security and monitoring needs and share how we'd approach designing and installing the perfect system for you.


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