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Fire Prevention Week 2021

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Just a few days ago, another house fire occurred in Southold. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured but it took three volunteer fire departments to contain the fire. It could have been much worse - the home is a senior condominium with attached residences. The resulting damage could have been reduced if there were more smoke detectors in the home.

Once again October sneaks up on us and pumpkins and harvest festivals seem to pop up everywhere on the East End. But there is another tradition every October that we, as life safety professionals, always like to share. This is Fire Prevention Week.

Of course, we expect that you won’t get too excited. However we do want you to know a few facts and perhaps take an action step by the time you finish reading.

Did you know that 80% of deaths from residential house fires are a result of missing or non-working smoke detectors? Did you know that if you have smoke detectors that are older than 10 years, they have a 30% chance of failing to sound an alarm?

If you look up at your ceiling and see old, yellowed smoke detectors, you need to replace them so give us a call. If you look up and don’t see any smoke detectors, you really need to meet with us. Smoke detectors today are required on every level and every bedroom in your home.

And here’s one last fact: You smoke detectors should be cleaned, inspected and tested at least once a year. Simple air movement through your home can allow dust and debris particles to accumulate in your smoke detectors, reducing their effectiveness. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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