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What You Need to Know about Fire Prevention Week.

First, the Bad News...

Did you know that every 83 seconds a household fire occurs in the United States? Worse, on average 7 people die per day in house fires. SEVEN! Most of these fires are preventable, caused by cooking, faulty heating equipment or smoking.

You are Not Immune... A fire could easily start someplace in your own home. But, it is easier to think that household fires happen to other people, not you. Why? Because it's a horrible way to die and it's more convenient to think that household fires occur someplace other than your own home. And yet, in this past year alone, our community has been struck by devastating fires that not only destroyed property but took lives! The Two-Word Solution... Smoke alarms. That's it. Check your smoke alarms. Install more smoke alarms. Replace old smoke alarms. Why? Because working smoke alarms are your best chance of surviving a household fire, saving the lives of others and reducing property damage from fire. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, the death rate by household fires in the United States was more than twice as high in homes that did not have working smoke alarms. Why didn't they always work? Mostly for stupid reasons - nearly 75% for missing, disconnected or dead batteries. How's that for a reality check? When was the last time you checked your smoke detectors? Did you ever replace that battery in the hallway smoke detector that was beeping in the middle of the night? Are you starting to get the picture?

Pay It Forward... At Suffolk Security Systems, we know your life is hectic. It's easy to procrastinate simple tasks like checking smoke detector batteries or asking for advice, but it's even easier to dial our number for help. We encourage you to download our checklist, "10 Fire Prevention Tips You Can't Live Without." Share the list with your family and split up the tasks. Then pass it onto a friend. You might just save a life!


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